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2 Watercolor Cards Tutorial (EASY Step-by-Step)

Watercolor cards are becoming a popular trend with people who want to get in touch with a more personalized card-giving experience.

In today’s watercolor tutorial, we will be looking at two tutorials done by Julia and Marnelle.

The second card we will be painting today is a Christmas watercolor design for any level. Watercolor Christmas cards are always fun and festive and can be a great way to show someone how much they mean to you during the holiday season.

This particular card will feature a watercolor Christmas tree which is rather easy to do. We will include a group of three trees. Follow along with this easy-step process:

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Make a Homemade Watercolor Christmas Card (EASY)

Step 1: Choosing a watercolor paint pigment

Julia chose a colder tone for this piece — sort of a winter tone — that compliments the cold feeling of winter. For this example, we will begin with a shade of blue. Although, it really doesn’t matter which color you use. Green would also work!

With your brush damp and paper dry (wet on dry), begin at the top of the Christmas tree by lightly letting your brush grace the paper. Remember, the thinner you work on this tree, the better.

Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial: Step 1: Choosing a watercolor paint pigment

Step 2: The general shape of the Christmas tree

We like to explain watercolor paintings of Christmas trees as small, connected half-hook shapes on each side of your tree.

That is, with each branch, imaging painting a fishing hook, but completing your stroke before finishing the full hook. 

This means you must be soft and quickly let your hand and fingers move free-motion the way it feels most natural to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do this; let us show you the desired shape you’re after:

Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial: Step 2: The general shape of the Christmas tree

OK – so, perhaps half-hook is the wrong shape description, but how else would you describe it! Simply start from the trunk of the tree at your previous branch’s height, and make a swooshing motion down and out for your next branch. 

Very good!

Step 3: Finishing the base of the watercolor Christmas tree

As you move toward the base of the fir tree, try to flatten out your branches, and instead of working from your previous branch at the trunk, visualize an unbalanced wavy line sitting on the middle of your trunk.

Julia will show you:

Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial: Step 3: Finishing the base of the watercolor Christmas tree

Step 4: Add shadow from the Christmas tree

For this watercolor art, we will imagine the sun as being directly behind the tree which means the shadow will fall directly in front of the tree.

Wet you brush a little more to have a more watery consistency and blot a shape that mirrors your tree in front of it like so.

Watercolor Cards christmas card add shadow

Step 5: Repeat and write

Now you know the process. It’s time to add to your card as you will. Make it your own. In this painting, Julia added three trees and a personal note below with a black felt-tip pen. Hint: Trace your lettering in pencil before moving to the permanent stuff!

Watercolor Cards Christmas card add a message

How to Paint Watercolor Wedding Invitations (Postcards in 4 Easy Steps!)

Watercolor wedding invitations have become popular as of recently and its no wonder! With the exorbitant costs and unoriginal appeal of printed invitations, it is easy to see why artists and creative people alike are moving toward a more personal touch.

Step 1: Masking tape

This is an optional step and it depends on how you decide to make your wedding invitations. But, let’s say, for the sake of this tutorial, you are following along to these steps exactly.

You want to tape a box shape in the center of your watercolor paper like so.

Watercolor Cards Masking tape wedding invitation

Step 2: Watercolor floral border

Next, we will add watercolor flowers to the outside of the box. Flowers are a basic part of any wedding invitation design. You can check out our 12 different types of flower designs tutorial here and pick your favorite.

Finish the entire area of your taped square.

Watercolor wedding invitation Tutorial Step 2: Watercolor floral border

Please excuse the fact that it looks a bit messy while drying. Your lines should shape up as it dries and colors will become clear layers. 

Following our ‘how to paint watercolor flowers’ tutorial, this step should be fairly simple.

Step 3:  Peel the masking tape

Now, is the most rewarding part. Wait until your paint is dry and carefully peel the masking tape to reveal your crisp border. 

This empty space in the middle of your flower design will be your text space to make any announcements necessary. Often, people choose to leave text-based invitations for digital means.

Watercolor Cards: Floral wedding invitation peel masking tape

Step 4: Cut the watercolor postcard

Now, the final step is to cut your watercolor wedding invitation into your desired shape. Whatever shape this maybe — you can get creative with it or follow the shape of your internal text box. 

Remember, most invitations will have to withstand the test of the postal service, so any corners are in danger. To combat this, you can cut it the size of an envelope for protection or glue a more sturdy material to the back of your paper. 

Making Watercolor Cards: Wedding Invitations and Christmas Cards

We hope you have found this tutorial helpful and inspirational. If you would like more seasonal card ideas, you can check our gallery for various designs from watercolor landscapes to watercolor animals.

Feel free to ask questions or share your watercolor art in the comments below. We love seeing what our readers have been up to with their craft!

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