watercolor rose tutorial

Watercolor Rose Tutorial, Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Always wanted to paint a rose using watercolor? In this tutorial made by Marie, you will learn how to paint watercolor roses in a loose watercolor style.

Even if you don’t know how to draw or paint you’ll see that you can already do a beautiful watercolor rose. This tutorial is intended for beginners in watercolor, you will learn the different ways to press the brush and you will see that you will progress quite quickly.

Watercolor supplies used in this tutorial:


  • Beginner palette with 12 colors


  • 1 Synthetic brush 
  • Watercolor Paper 100% cotton
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Step 1: Very Simple Rose for Beginners

In this tutorial we’re going to make a pink rose but you can, of course, choose to make it red, orange, or yellow!

To start, do not hesitate to moisten your brush and to wring it a little bit on the edge of your glass.

Dip your brush several times in your pink paint and start by making a first round. Then, another one that touches a little bit of the first one and a third one that touches a little bit of the second without making it too systematic.

Very Simple Rose for Beginners 1

Then, rinse your brush almost completely and trace your circle with the wet brush all the way around the circumference. You may need to press hard to achieve the desired effect.

Very Simple Rose for Beginners 2

Then, add a little pink and orange on your palette to vary the shade a little bit. Soak your brush in water to remove a little pigment.

Next, simply follow the outline without touching what you have already done but by enlarging the rose.

Very Simple Rose for Beginners 3

Now, you have a very simple version of a rose, but very nice if you are new to watercolor!

Step 2: An Intermediate Rose

To make a slightly more complicated rose, start by making two or three circles that intersect with one another just like above.

Rinse your brush and enlarge your rose. By adding water, the paint will spread by itself, just as we did on the first rose.

Then, use a slightly more orange mixture. Keep your brush perpendicular to the leaf and without pressing too hard, make strokes around it. You can leave some white to make the petals appear better.

You can add pink pigments to the heart while it is still wet. But be careful not to scrape, just dab them to let them merge naturally.

Watercolor Intermediate Rose

There you go, you’ve made your first rose in watercolor, you’ve seen it’s quite simple! 

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watercolor rose for beginners
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