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How to Do a Watercolor Poppy in 30 Seconds

This is a super easy tutorial to learn how to do a watercolor poppy for beginners. This is the best watercolor painting hack you will learn if you just started watercolor and the best technique to add Poppy to your watercolor floral composition! Thanks you Chantal for sharing this super watercolor technique!

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Step 1: Coat Brush with Paint

Start by moistening your brush with water.

Then, add some yellow or orange to your brush by gently placing your it on the paint, without turning it.

Then, with your brush lifted from the palette, turn your brush to the other side, and gently dab the brush into the well of the predominant color — which is red — on the unpainted side of your brush.

Your brush should have a color on each side of the bristles.

Watercolor Poppy Coat Brush with Paint

Step 2: Rotate Brush Along Paper

All you have to do now is simply put down the bristles of your brush on your paper and rotate it slowly in the shape of a poppy flower.

Watercolor Poppy Rotate Brush Along Paper

Add a bit of color on the body of the poppy with the same brush. Then, use a cat’s tongue brush to create the border and shape of the poppy with the paint already on the paper.

Watercolor Poppy create the border and shape

Congratulations on your Watercolor Poppy!

Now, you know the easy-step process for creating poppy flowers. Feel free to use any variation of colors and designs so that you can have fun on your next watercolor art project!

If you have any questions regarding the watercolor poppy process, feel free to use the comment section below and we will be happy to guide you.

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