Watercolor Tutorials

For Watercolor Tutorials and How-To pages for Watercolor Art and Ideas.

watercolor pastel tutorial

How to Use Watercolor Pastel (Blending Watercolor Paint with Soft Pastel)

Watercolor pastel effect is a bit of an advance watercolor technique, but if you are looking to take your watercolor art to the next level, it is something you must try! In today’s lesson, we will explain how to perfectly blend a pastel finish on…

watercolor photoshop

How to Make Beautiful Watercolor Brushes Photoshop Tutorial

Watercolor brushes Photoshop effect have become a popular trend for digital artists who want to make their style stand out in today’s saturation of online creatives.  Read on and we will explain the watercolor effect Photoshop has created and how you can achieve watercolor designs…

watercolor card tutorial

2 Watercolor Cards Tutorial (EASY Step-by-Step)

Watercolor cards are becoming a popular trend with people who want to get in touch with a more personalized card-giving experience. In today’s watercolor tutorial, we will be looking at two tutorials done by Julia and Marnelle. The second card we will be painting today…

watercolor palette set up

How to Set Up a Watercolor Palette (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

For most watercolor artists, there is something mesmerizing about setting up a new watercolor palette with fresh paint. It’s one of our favorite activities; like watching spring flowers bud and having the anticipation of summer on its way. Usually when we  set up a new…

watercolor banner tutorial

Watercolor Tutorial: The Basics of Watercolor

Today, there’s a booming demand for watercolor tutorial and how-to guides on trending watercolor techniques.  Below, Hieu has prepared a ‘how to watercolor for beginners’ tutorial and great places to further your learning when you’re ready. Let’s Begin with Watercolor Basics Watercolor supplies used in…