Watercolor Ideas

Welcome to our long list of tutorials and easy watercolor ideas! Scroll through our dozens of tutorials to find perfect watercolor ideas for beginners, intermediate, and expert-level painters!

If you’re looking for ideas to do watercolor animals, we have a big collection of tutorials on elephants, birds (like hummingbirds), unicorn, horses, flamingos, and wolves!

We’ve also got great inspiration for watercolor backgrounds and skies. Whether you are painting mountains, rainbows, clouds, ocean, or forest — we have tutorials for all watercolor landscapes you can imagine!

Finally, we have a long collection of watercolor flowers, trees, plants, and greenery that will add a little flavor to your watercolor paintings. If you are looking to add some color to your background, you should take a look at these watercolor techniques!

If you are looking for watercolor Christmas cards, wedding invitations, or other miscellaneous card ideas, we’ve also got the tutorials you are looking for.

You may also find watercolor tattoo ideas. Everything you are looking for is here!

watercolor galaxy tutorial

2 Watercolor Galaxy Ideas Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to create two different easy watercolor galaxies using different watercolor techniques. Thanks, TutoDraw for this step-by-step guide for beginners! Watercolor Supplies Used in this Tutorial Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to use exactly the same watercolor supplies…

watercolor gradient technique

Watercolor Gradient (EASY) Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this beginner watercolor painting tutorial, we are going to do watercolor gradient. It is a super easy watercolor technique for watercolor cards, wedding invitations, postcards, etc. Many thanks to Cécile for this step-by-step tutorial! Watercolor Supplies Used in this Tutorial Of course, it doesn’t…

watercolor card tutorial

2 Watercolor Cards Tutorial (EASY Step-by-Step)

Watercolor cards are becoming a popular trend with people who want to get in touch with a more personalized card-giving experience. In today’s watercolor tutorial, we will be looking at two tutorials done by Julia and Marnelle. The second card we will be painting today…

watercolor ocean wave tutorial

Easy Ocean Watercolor Painting Tutorial

We’ve received a lot of requests to do a tutorial on ocean watercolor. There are many variations of how to paint the ocean in watercolor, so we figure we’d present a couple of different watercolor techniques for water subjects.  Let’s strap up and get ready…

watercolor sky tutorial

How to Paint a Watercolor Sky (with Clouds & Sun at Sunset)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint a watercolor sky with a magnificent multi-colored watercolor sunset and plenty of fluffy watercolor clouds. Thanks to Maria for helping put this tutorial together. Watercolor Supplies to Use: Round 10 ‘Ultimo’ Watercolor Paintbrush Princeton Watercolor Brushes…

watercolor birds tutorial

3 Watercolor Birds Tutorial for Beginners

In this beginner watercolor painting tutorial, we will show you how to paint three different watercolor birds. Thank you, Emma, for this amazing step-by-step guide. Watercolor supplies used in this tutorial: Watercolor Paints by Winsor & Newton Cotman Brushes in size 6 by Princeton Snap…

watercolor koi fish

How to Watercolor Fish Tutorial: Koi Fish Watercolor Painting (Step-by-Step)

Watercolor fish are always a fun project to take on for their various colors and often vibrant environment. Koi have, for a long time been one of the most popular fish to watercolor because of their unique, large area shape and bright colors in often…

watercolor owl tutorial

Easy Watercolor Owl (Step-By-Step Tutorial for Beginners)

In this beginner watercolor painting tutorial, you will learn how to paint a super cute watercolor pygmy Owl! Thanks a million to Leonardo for this wonderful step-by-step guide! Watercolor supplies used in this tutorial: Arches Watercolor paper, hot pressed 10 x 14 inch, 100% cotton…

watercolor butterfly tutorial

3 Easy Watercolor Butterfly Tutorials for Beginners

In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint different kinds of watercolor butterfly. We are going to start with 2 super easy watercolor butterflies for beginners. Then, we’ll do a little bit more complicated galaxy butterfly  but still very simple if you just started…

watercolor leaves tutorial

12 Watercolor Leaves: Step-by-Step Watercolor Tutorial

Watercolor leaves give you an opportunity to add character to your watercolor landscapes and watercolor trees. Below, we present a step-by-step watercolor tutorial for you to master your craft and take your watercolor art to the next level.  Let’s take a look at what we’ll…